From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian women know how to work a bikini. They are fit, vivacious, sexy, and glowing - they've got that special something - and it shows. You too can discover the secrets of the Brazilian approach to eating, living, and enjoying life.&nbspIn The Brazilian Bikini Body Program , Regina Joseph, a former jet-setter turned fitness professional shares her uniquely Brazilian take on how to get sexier in both body and mind.  Her body-sculpting, weight-reducing, and energy-boosting program will have you slipping into your sexiest beachwear in just 30 days.&nbspComplete with meal plans, recipes, and a fully-illustrated exercise plan, Regina will help you:  Come! (Eat): Taste the bounty of the Brazilian jungle and its nutritionally potent superfoods, and reap the rewards of a bold, flavorful diet that keeps you satisfied and in great bikini shape.  Se Mexe! (Move It!): Build your core of strength with exercises that combine the moves of Pilates and capoeira , the Brazilian martial art - for a powerful, sexy body.&nbspUse Jeitinho (That special way): Replace stress and fatigue with passion and gusto by embracing the Brazilian approach to living in bliss.&nbspTo Brazilians, the good life is about food, frolic, and fun. They savor delicious and nutritious meals, radiate vitality, and embrace life. By learning how to move through life with ease and joy like the Brazilians do, anyone can ultimately glow like the girl from Ipanema. Let The Brazilian Bikini Body Program show you how.   30 days of delicious, vitamin and anti-oxidant-packed superfoods of the Amazon in authentic, satisfying Brazilian recipes.  With daily meal plans you will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner the way they dine in Brazil.  You will eat well without sacrificing flavor or a pleasurable dining experience.  This step-by-step, easy-to-follow program provides complete shopping lists, guidelines on food preparation, and a day-by-day calendar of what to eat and when to eat it.&nbsp30 days of core-strengthening exercise will leave you stronger, increase your flexibility, and will tone your body with a unique workout not found in any other program.  You will develop a leaner, stronger, and more agile body by blending the basics of both Pilates and Capoeira into daily workouts that fit into even the busiest schedules, in fact, there are three different workouts to suit your time and fitness levels.  The easy-to-follow exercises are fully illustrated.&nbsp30 days of re-adjusting your mindset will teach you how to let the little things slide and meet life's setbacks and disappointments with an improved attitude.  Learn to embrace life with joy, ease, and calm.&nbspAfter 30 days, you will not only be bikini-ready but prepared to take on life with a renewed sense of vigor and excitement.  You will eat better, move more, lose weight, and enjoy life.  Eating the Brazilian way will put you in tune with your body as well as with the environment; living and eating responsibly will have a minimum impact on global resources and maximum impact on your health and well-being.  Staying fit to enjoy yourself as well as to look good will become secondnature.   Regina Joseph is a media developer and fitness professional.  A writer and editor whose accomplishments include the creation of Blender magazine (the first digital magazine), she develops content for a wide range of clients.  Her fitness instruction extends from private training in her studio, Super Pilates, to Equinox fitness clubs, and to workshops she conducts in Europe, Brazil, and Asia.  She has traveled and worked all over the world.  Visit her website at