With The Shanghai Moon , S. J. Rozan returns to her award-winning, critically acclaimed, and much-loved characters Lydia Chin and Bill Smith in the first new novel in the series in seven years.   Estranged for months from fellow P.I. Bill Smith, Chinese-American private investigator Lydia Chin is&nbspbrought in by colleague and former mentor Joel Pilarsky to help with a case that crosses continents, cultures, and decades.     In Shanghai, excavation has unearthed&nbspa cache of European jewelry dating back to&nbspWorld War II, when Shanghai was an open city&nbspproviding safe haven for&nbspthousands of Jewish&nbsprefugees. The jewelry, identifed as&nbsphaving belonged to one such refugee - Rosalie&nbspGilder - was immediately stolen by a Chinese official&nbspwho fled to New York City. Hired by a lawyer&nbspspecializing in the recovery of Holocaust assets, Chin and Pilarsky are to find any and all leadsto the missing jewels. However, Lydia soon learns that there is much more to the story than they've been told: The Shanghai Moon, one of the world's most sought after missing jewels, reputed to be worth millions, is believed to have been part of the same stash.&nbspBefore Lydia can act on this new information, Joel Pilarsky is murdered, Lydia is fired from the case, and Bill Smith finally reappears on the scene.&nbspNow Lydia and Bill must unravel the truth about the Shanghai Moon and the events that surroundedits disappearance sixty years ago during the chaos of war and revolution, if they are to stop more killings and uncover the truth of what is going on today.