Booklist Review
What do you have around the house? Cans, glass, pieces of games? This attractive book shows you how to turn them into something interesting though many of the finished products look like they'll take patience. The brightly colored, graphically appealing layout will draw crafters right in. The book is divided into sections: paper, metal, glass, etc. Instead of offering directions for a few projects in each category, the introductory spreads are taken up with suggestions. For instance, from newspaper you can make gift bags, wrapping paper, and seedling pots; from magazines, envelopes, bows, and collages. But there are no relevant pictures, and as far as directions, you're on your own. However, the two-page spread of an actual project in each section for instance, a scrap-paper curtain has crisp photos and clear directions. (And though not complicated, the curtain looks time-consuming.) One smart thing the book does is put photos of all supplies at the beginning of the book, so kids can look back and see what each project needs. For those with time and imagination.--Cooper, Ilene Copyright 2010 Booklist